Speech/Rhetoric Unit

April 11-May 6, 2005

Mrs. Gann

House B Language Arts



Requirements for the essay portion of the speech rhetoric unit (worth 50 points and due May 6, 2005 at the beginning of class):


PARAGRAPH I--Introduction


Introduction.  You know how to do this.  Mention the piece you are going to write about and its author/speaker.  Have a strong thesis.  Grab your reader’s attention.


PARAGRAPH II—Historical Context


Give your reader an overview of the historical context of the speech or performance.  What events led the speaker to create or perform that piece?  If your performance is from a movie, talk about the significance of the film (did it win an Academy Award, etc).  This paragraph will require a little research on your part.  The questions I will be asking you include “because” and “why?”  Don’t leave your reading hanging.  Don’t fake historical information, and don’t just cut and paste information from a website.  If you cheat, you will receive a zero for this portion of the assignment.


PARAGRAPH III—Emotional Affect


What is your favorite part of the speech or performance?  What line affects you the most as a listener?  Tell the reader what line or part is the most important TO YOU and why.  Use the speech’s actual language to make your point.  Remember, this paragraph is about how the words AFFECT you, so talking about your emotions when you hear the language is fine.  Bring your reader into your world when you hear this speech or performance.  Make it real for him or her.


PARAGRAPH IV—Big Picture Relevance


Will this speech or performance stand the test of time?  Why or why not?  How do you think it affects listeners today as opposed to when it was originally broadcast or performed?  Does it sound “dated”?  Does it sound fresh and current?  Do you consider the speaker a master of his/her art form?  Ultimately, WHY IS THIS SPEECH IMPORTANT TO US RIGHT NOW?


PARAGRAPH V--Conclusion


Conclusion. Wrap it up.  Again, you know how to do this.  No new ideas.  Restate the thesis.


Further requirements:


1.    Essays must be typed in 12 or 14 point font and double spaced.  If it is handwritten, it must be in blue or black pen and double spaced.


2.    Essays that are late will be docked points.  This is on the rubric.  This is not negotiable.


3.    Follow the format for best results.  If you have questions, ask me.  You can work on rough drafts as you go and have me check them.


4.    Essays are due at the beginning of class on Friday, May 6.  Essays handed in at the end of class are late.  You may turn your essay in early.  You may email me drafts any time.