House B Language Arts

Mrs. Gann

“Letter Writing”

January 26-February 10, 2005



What:  this unit is a standards-based writing unit.  You will learn how to write four different types of letters:


          1.  The thank-you letter

          2.  The letter of introduction

          3.  The letter of concern (commonly called the complaint letter) OR     the letter of appreciation

          4.  The sharing letter


How:  we will examine each of the four types of letters using models and in-class activities.  We will use overheads for notes.  All notes will be posted on this Internet site for your review and convenience.


Assessment:  On Thursday, February 10, you will turn in four (4) final drafts that represent each type of letter we have covered.  Each letter is worth twenty-five (25) points.  Standard format issues apply:  typed in 12 or 14 points font OR double-spaced and neatly handwritten in blue or black ink. 


There are also five (5) homeworks OR quizzes worth 10 points each for a total of fifty (50) points.


You will be provided with a rubric for every letter you create.  You must turn these rubrics in with your final draft or it will not be graded.


**If you receive a “I got caught reading!” certificate, you may turn it in with a homework or a quiz ONLY for an EXTRA two points.


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