Twins Days 2007

Helen and Emma went to the 2007 Twins Days festival in Twinsburg!

They participated in the "Least Alike Twins Under 12 Months" contest, and won!

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Arriving at Twins Days

Ma Manville helped us wrangle the kids. It was a hot sunny day!

Pre-Contest Nerves In the Green Room

Actually the room was yellow, as you can see. Everyone responds to pressure differently. Helen is flirting with everyone while Emma rests up.

Awaiting Judgement

Mommy got a shot of Dad and the girls sitting amongst the other contestants. He thought it was going well but with all the boy-girl twins, a medal seemed unlikely.

Getting the Medals

The Emcee is asking Dad how we tell them apart. A silly question for the winner of "Least Alike Twins", isn't it? Emma is still flirting with everyone; what a gracious winner!

Victory Dinner Between Courses

After a teether biscuit aperitif (Emma has 5 teeth, Helen has 4), the girls basked in their triumph and the adulation of all.

The Main Course

After the teether biscuits the girls enjoyed an entree of "Turkey, Rice & Garden Vegetables (Stage 3)" and a refreshing fruit and yogurt smoothie with organic blackberries and raspberries with banana yogurt.

Gold Is Their Color

Helen assays the quality of her medal while Emma admires hers at arm's length.

The Medals

The Reiff brothers were perennial "Most Alike" winners. One brother died in 2000 and the other in 2007. They left their entire estate (about $4 million!) to the Twins Days Festival. We're expecting actual gold medals next year.

Emma After Victory Dinner

Emma thoroughly enjoyed her dinner. Like all children under the age of 4, she absorbs nutrients through the skin on her cheeks and doesn't need to actually ingest any food to stay healthy.

Helen Greets Her Public

After the Victory Dinner, Helen waves for the camera. Dad got them to smile and wave to the judges at the contest, and the excessive cuteness could not be denied.