Cinderella, or The Multicultural Fairy Tale

Mrs. Gann

House B Language Arts

February 22-23, 2005



DIRECTIONS:          You will be working in your groups for the next two days.  Here are your responsibilities:

  1. You will read one (1) of the stories in the Cinderella class packet.
  2. You will complete this handout to ensure that you understand all the elements of the story.  Discuss quietly with your group the elements you feel are especially important or interesting. 
  3. By Wednesday, you should be ready to create an overhead transparency outlining the important features of your story.  You will use this transparency on Thursday, when you will teach the rest of the class your Cinderella tale.  TEACHING STRATEGY:  You might want to compare your story to a Cinderella story the class already knows (the Disney story or “Rashin Coatie” from last week) using a comparison chart like we did in class on Thursday.
  4. If you finish creating your transparency early on Wednesday, you may read your Book Bistro books quietly.
  5. This week, Letter of the Week can be earned by a GROUP that is productive, effective, respectful of the learning environment, and that offers a good lesson Thursday.  BE THE BEST GROUP YOU CAN BE!!


**Mrs. Hanlon and I reserve the right to bust up a group that is not functioning.  Do not be that group.**


**Don’t throw this sheet out.  Turn it in on Thursday as part of your group grade for presenting.  Remember, Thursday is worth 50 points!!!!  Don’t lose out on points because of missing worksheets!**



1.         Name the protagonist in your story.       ____________________________________


2.         Name the antagonist in your story.______________________________________


3.         Describe the setting of your story.______________________________________




4.         How does magic appear in the story?  Does it take the form of a person or animal?  Be specific._________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


5.         How does the slipper or shoe show up in the story?  Be specific._________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


6.         Tell us about the “love interest,” the prince (or boy of higher status).__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


7.         Tell us about the sibling rivalry in the story.  Who are the sisters/stepsisters?  What are some of their personality characteristics?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


8.         Tell us about the ball/festival/dance/party.  What happens to our protagonist while she is there?  Who does she meet?  How is her life changed by this event?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


9.         Are animals part of your story?  How?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


10.       Is there a castle/mansion present?  Who does it belong to?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


11.       Tell us about the overall theme of your Cinderella story.  Does your protagonist get her “happily ever after”?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


12.       Finally, PREDICT what happens to the stepmother/stepsisters after the end of your story.  What are their lives like?  Are they happy?  Use your imagination._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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Hey!  How are you going to be graded on your group project Thursday, February 24?  Check out the rubric here.