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The Breakfast Book Bistro--Friday handouts (including the Story Map) link from the "Timeline" page and are dated for your convenience

What are your friends reading?  Check it out here.

Letter writing for dummies (and fabulous seventh-graders)--includes ALL class overheads for ease of study and review

NEW ADDITIONS!  Speech and rhetoric pages--you want sound?  We got sound!  Plus the entire unit is outlined for you right here!  You might also want to check out this will help you get yourself organized for the final assessment in this unit!

If you don't have Real Player, you may not be able to hear sound clips.  Click here to solve your problem.

Do you need the First Amendment PowerPoint?  You're in luck.  Click here.

NEW!  Check out the requirements for the Speech unit assessment! 

Do you need the Persuasive Techniques PowerPoint from April 26?  Click here!

Multicultural fairy tales--this isn't your mother's Cinderella!  This now includes your groupwork handout for the week of February 22 and the RUBRIC that will grade you on your group presentation February 24!

Other links you do NOT want to miss...all the cool kids are learning, why aren't you?

Hey...have you gotten caught reading?

What is the Letter of the Week?  And who were the lucky recipients in past weeks?

What is a grant?  Why should students and parents care that we got one?  The skinny is right here.

More cool links for smart kids....they just keep 'em coming!


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