This is a links page that several students indicated would be helpful.  I have included information about college, careers, and some general fun stuff.  Please continue to provide feedback about things that you would like to see on the House B pages!

Higher Education


State Schools

Kent State University (one of Mrs. Gann's alma maters)

Bowling Green State University (Mrs. Hanlon's alma mater)

The Ohio State University (and yes, we always refer to it this way)


Private Schools

Case Western Reserve University (we got your engineering right here.)

Baldwin-Wallace College ("Quality Education with a Personal Touch") (Mr. Woodworth's alma mater)

Kenyon College

Oberlin College (top notch school--internationally known.  You go to Oberlin, you play with the big kids.)

The College of Wooster

Colleges--outside Ohio, and YES, you should definitely consider going out-of-state!  Don't listen to old fuddy-duddies who tell you it will be "too hard to leave home."  It's not true, and you will have opportunities you never dreamed of.

Rutgers University (Mrs. Gann's other alma mater)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (the premier engineering school in the world.)

Bryn Mawr (for the young women only)*

Sarah Lawrence (live near New York City.  what could be better?)

The University of Pennsylvania ("Ben Franklin's University")

Smith College (for the young women only)*

Wellesley College (for the young women only)*


*Ladies, let's talk about single-sex colleges.  It is NOT true that going to an all-women's college is boring.  It is NOT true that the only women who go to all-women's colleges are backward, homely, or otherwise unable to relate to boys.  Who will tell you that this is the case?  People who think that having a boyfriend is the end-all, be-all of your life, and who somehow think that going to an all-women's college means that you live in a convent.  WRONG. What IS true about all-women colleges is that you can form lasting friendships that are based on the right things (honesty, integrity, dignity), that you can advance yourself intellectually in a healthy, mature learning environment, and that you can carve out for yourself the kind of life you want to have on your own terms, without having to apologize for being smart, for having a lot of interests, and for wanting to do more than other people your age.  Being ambitious is good.  Being dedicated to yourself is good.  Only through knowing yourself can you truly become known to others.  Don't sell yourself short, girls.  You only get one chance at this.


Have you check out US News & World Report's college issue?  You need to.  Start planning your future now...make goals....set great.


Careers...catch them while they're hot! (links TBA)



Software Engineer

Funeral Director

Law Enforcement


Travel Agent



Managing Cosmetologist


Social Worker

Medicine (and no, you don't just have to be a doctor)


Decorative Ironworker

Relief Worker



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