For this unit, you may want to check out the following websites to assist you with classwork: (all of our audio comes from this site; well organized, easy to navigate) (a good site for poetry lovers) (audio + images...a great resource for American popular culture) (FDR's Presidential Library) (Robert F. Kennedy memorial pages)  (Martin Luther King, Jr. papers project) ("Your One Stop Source for MLK on the Net") (The official Lou Gehrig site) and (information about ALS, or "Lou Gehrig's Disease") (a tribute to Barbara Jordan) (more about Barbara Jordan) (info on Geraldine Ferraro) (from the Congressional Bio pages) (September 11 digital archive.  This page is no longer being updated, but it is a great source of other links that you may want to examine) (news archives from September 11) (Department of the Navy historical site about Pearl Harbor) (more about Pearl Harbor) (an art archive about events surrounding December 7, 1941) (National Geographic site about Pearl Harbor) (Maya Angelou--the Official Website) (greatest film quotes ever) (greatest speeches ever)  (THIS SITE IS EXCELLENT--STRONGLY RECOMMENDED BY MRS. GANN!!) (more great film scenes)



**I'll be adding more in coming weeks.  Stay tuned!


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