The Story of Our Grant


 How Cleveland State University Helped Us Pay for The Breakfast Book Bistro and Other Tales


Education costs moneyGood education costs more money.  Anyone who has ever listened to discussions about school funding knows this.  One way for teachers to do cool, interesting projects is with a grantBusinesses and industries often offer grants to certain school districts for specific purposes.  Grants are not easy to get, and they don't take the place of levies and other important community funding strategies, but they do offer teachers a great way to pay for innovative learning projects that otherwise would not be in a school's budget.

This year, Cleveland State University's College of Education and Human Services offered a small number of scholarships and grants for education students.  Mrs. Gann used the Breakfast Book Bistro idea as a springboard in applying for one of these coveted awards.  Lo and behold, she got one!  So now, instead of focusing on answering the question, "How are we going to pay for this great educational opportunity?" Mrs. Gann and Mrs. Hanlon can focus on, "How can we make this educational opportunity the best it can be?"  This means that our students are going to have a better educational experience with far-reaching results. 

Grants are only a small part of the way teachers can help students in the learning process, and they are not going to solve the big problem of district-wide funding.  The Parma City Schools need your support this spring, or else literacy projects like the Breakfast Book Bistro will almost certainly be a one-time event in our classroom.  Please take the time to read information about the upcoming levies and make sure you are registered to vote in the appropriate elections.

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