Introducing...the Letter of the Week!!!                                                                             

What is the Letter of the Week?  It's a letter, and it goes out every week.

Well, sort of.

Too often, parents don't get to hear about the great things their children do in school.  Maybe a student put in a lot of extra effort on a project.  Maybe a student was a good citizen and helped out another student in need.  Maybe a student really worked at improving classroom behavior and attitude.  Maybe a student was a class leader in some small way that really added to the learning environment for everyone.

Whatever it is, we're watching.  And you bet your bippee we're noticing.

The Rules:

1.  One student from every period will earn (not win) the Letter of the Week every Friday (we’ll start on Friday, January 28th…just to give you the heads up that it’s coming).  This letter will be so fabulous that it is sure to occupy a space on the refrigerator for months to come.

2.  No one except Mrs. Gann and Mrs. Hanlon knows who that student will be (and we're not telling).

3.  Additionally, the Letter of the Week recipient will receive a small token of recognition for his/her efforts all week in Language Arts.

4.  We will post the names of past "Letter of the Week" recipients in a place of honor in the classroom.

Can you earn the Letter of the Week more than once?  Sure.  Can there be two Letter of the Week winners from the same period?  Anything is possible.  It is our hope that everyone will earn it at least once.  That decision is up to you.

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List of Winners

You never know who's watching!